Three Main Things

We fly jets, but our mission is much more.  RenegadeAV8R, World Records, Pilot Services and much more.  See links below.  


In the AIR with our TS-11 ISKRA airshow jet and ON AIR with you through our podcasts and other media.  Please click the link below to visit our RenegadeAV8R Webiste!

World Record Jet

Take a jet, over 50 years old, with a pilot over 50 years old and go after world records that have stood for 50 years!  Here is the cool part, we are doing this with the help and skills of our NEW Generation.  Our Generation Z! 

Zoomers showing us Boomers how it is done.  

Renegade Jets

Professional pilot services. Aircraft broker services and aircraft management.  The Black Belt Aviator, pilot coaching program.  This is the website for all of this.  Stay right here on this page!

Professional Pilot Services

Need a crew for your jet, turboprop or other high performance aircraft?  Flight test or ferry?  Contact us for more information.  Our Black Belt Aviator program is designed for owner pilots of these aircraft, giving owner/pilots professional level coaching to improve the safety and enjoyment of flying these aircraft.


Buy, Sell, Operate

There are a number of ways to buy, sell, operate or otherwise have access to jet and turboprop aircraft.  We offer a unique set of services that are designed with your best interests in mind.  


Contact Us, Call 888-366-5256 or click the link.

Renegade Jets, LLC

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RenegadeAV8R World Record Jet Project

STEM Iskra TS-11 World Record Project Introduction RenegadeAV8R is launching a STEM project featuring the PZL TS-11 Iskra Polish Jet Trainer. The TS-11 was used as an advanced jet trainer[…]

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Dear Future Client, Welcome to our new website. A little patience while we do all we need to do to complete the changes. In the meantime, reaching me is simple.[…]

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