RenegadeAV8R World Record Jet Project

RenegadeAV8R World Record Jet Project

STEM Iskra TS-11 World Record Project Introduction

RenegadeAV8R is launching a STEM project featuring the PZL TS-11 Iskra Polish Jet Trainer. The TS-11 was used as an advanced jet trainer for pilots prior to moving into aircraft like the Russian-built, supersonic, MIG-21. The goal is to utilize the developing skills of the professionals of tomorrow to revive the technology of yesterday to meet and exceed world records held by the TS-11 Iskra in the 1960’s. 

As the aviation and aerospace industry prepare to launch into a new age of technological advancements, a potentially massive roadblock also comes into view. Aviation & Aerospace skilled labor shortages are nearing “crisis” level, with Forbes, and many other accredited sources, pointing to the year 2022 as “the year of reckoning.” 

The goal is to inspire a team of young adults to take a leadership role in several aerospace world records! This will be filmed and documented every step of the way as an inspiration to many more young people to seek skilled jobs found in the aviation market. 

RenegadeAV8R flies the TS-11 at airshows and will continue to bring these jets to airshows to fly thrilling performances and promote the STEM project. Unique partnerships with universities and technical schools, as well as corporate sponsorship will help make this world record project a reality. This project will build confidence and give real-world experience to these future leaders before they even enter the aerospace industry. 

This is a “feel good” project in these troubled times. RenegadeAV8R’s combination of podcasts, videos, airshow performances and the thrill of world record flights will benefit our sponsors, partners, industry and these young people, alike.  

We seek your support for this project that provides an exclusive opportunity for our future STEM leaders to be responsible for the concept, design, fabrication, and testing of modifications to a former military jet with over 50 years of active military service and improve it to exceed the limits of the aircraft in order to achieve multiple world records in its category. 

David Costa may be reached via text or voice, at 775-742-7079.

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